Ideal Recovery is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. Our insurance is A+ graded and is the highest level of coverage in our industry that includes a $5MM Dishonesty Bond, General Liability, Wrongful Repo, On-Hook/Cargo, and Garage Keepers coverage.

We are proud members of the American Recovery Association (ARA). ARA is a national trade association dedicated to the advancement and continuing education of the repossession industry. Our membership keeps us up-to-date in compliance requirements and assists us in maintaining the highest standards of service to our clients. As members, we have passed the AFA rigorous physical office site inspection and have met the criteria and compliance standards required. This includes inspection of our business documents, as well as our buildings and vehicles.

All Ideal Recovery employees are Certified Asset Recovery Specialists through the CARS National Certification Program. This training and certification program is recognized by the collateral recovery industry as being an invaluable tool in managing the risks and reducing the liability associated with the repossession process.